Ideas for Prostate Health Awareness

September 1, 2022

ideas for prostate health awareness

5 Ways to Improve Prostate Health Awareness

People who work with senior men as residents or patients might need ideas for prostate health awareness. One of the most significant parts of working with seniors is caring for the health of residents and ensuring that they are up to date on their check-ups. For men, this means ensuring they get the care they need for their prostates. Unfortunately, this isn’t a minor issue: Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in men and the second leading cause of death among American men. Thankfully, we’ve collected some of these simple and effective ideas for prostate health awareness below. 

1. Take Advantage of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. This month can be used to call attention to the dangers caused by prostate cancer, how many men suffer from it, and what men should do for screenings and regular check-ups. Thankfully, this is the month when many primary media resources concentrate on the dangers posed by prostate cancer. Anything done to promote this month can supplement broader cultural coverage of prostate health and effect positive change. 

2. Offer Free Screenings During Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Many public health authorities and health networks work with doctors to bring health experts during this time. As such, contact a public health agency or local health network, and see if they would be willing to bring someone to a physical location to offer screening options. If a male client isn’t ready to get screened in a public setting, the doctor or clinician can have resources available to show them where they can get a screening. This allows them to follow up on their terms.

3. Give Out Merchandise

Who doesn’t like free things? Organizations like the Prostate Cancer Foundation have ample resources that can be given away. This includes ribbons, keychains, and more. There’s a reason so many of these groups give out this type of swag: It works! By giving away merchandise, a person can help to raise general awareness of the importance of protecting prostate health, thus reminding men to get their prostates checked out.

4. Talk to Women As Well!

It may seem strange and at least a little counter-intuitive, but sometimes, it’s not the men someone should be talking to: It’s the women. Think about it; how often has a man done something because the woman in their life—their daughter, wife, or friend—reminded them to do so? As such, switch it up. Gear events towards women and invite women to any prostate cancer awareness event. Doing so ensures that a close friend or another credible messenger can remind a man to get their prostate checked out.

5. Host a Fundraiser

Thankfully, most people are relatively generous. Hosting a fundraiser may be a great way to ensure that someone only opens their wallet. They also get information on prostate cancer and get screened for prostate cancer. After all, if someone is willing to give a little bit of money towards a cause, the odds are that they’ll pay more attention to that cause and hopefully get checked out themselves.

Looking for more ideas for prostate health awareness or on caring for seniors in general? Check out Zemplee. We offer a slew of ideas, resources, and a broader community that someone can work with to get seniors the care they need and deserve.

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